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DSLR VS iPhone 7 – The Battle of the Bests

DSLR VS iPhone 7 – The Battle of the Bests

DSLR VS iPhone 7 – The Battle of the Bests
The world goes crazy every time a new iPhone model is released. The same thing happened when the iPhone 7 became available in the market with the promise to have a camera that takes pictures comparable to DSLRs. Does it really have what it takes to win the DSLR VS iPhone 7 Battle?
One of the best-loved features of the iPhone is its camera. The iPhone 7 comes with not one but two rear cameras.
• Lights just right. When tested in taking pictures with the optimum lighting condition, it looks like iPhone 7 can give the DSLR a run for its money. You can hardly notice the difference in the print out. However, the difference shows when you view the images on your computer. You will notice that the photos taken using the DSLR are just cleaner.
• Yes, for ISO. This is one of the features wherein the result was surprising. Although the DSLR beat iPhone 7 in optimum lighting conditions, the latter bested the former when it comes to taking pictures in poor lighting conditions.
• Strength in numbers. Just like 7 is known to be a lucky number, iPhone 7’s camera is known to withstand drops and bumps. Unlike the DSLR lenses that are highly sensitive and prone to damage, you are most likely to use your iPhone 7’s camera for a long time.
• The Fast and the Pictures. When it comes to speed, iPhone 7 wins but when it comes to the quality of the photos taken at their maximum speed, the DSLR emerges victorious. Therefore, it is definitely better for action shots especially in wildlife and in sports.
• App, App, and a Way. DSLR has numerous features when it comes to effects, accessories, and lenses. However, you can also maximize available apps for your iPhone 7 so you can achieve the image effect that you are aiming for.
Although the DSLR still comes out on top when it comes to taking stills, no one can deny that the iPhone continues to improve at an exceptionally fast rate. It also has its advantages over the DSLR so make sure that you consider all the possible factors before making your choice.
DSLR VS iPhone 7 – The Battle of the Bests

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