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December 29, 2017
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Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?

Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?

Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?

We have roots that we feel secure in, and attach ourselves to. And one of those roots is our country of origin…


After all, most of us belong to one country or another.


Thus, a lot of us like to represent our nationalities in a unique manner. We like to represent our roots in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.


And this is something you can do with a flag picture.


Take a country flag, do a few modifications to it, and you’ll end up with a nice aesthetic for many situation!


Below are a few aesthetic examples to give you ideas. Check out the pictures below, and learn what makes them so appealing!


(1) A Jigsaw Puzzle with Your Country’s Flag.

Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?A high quality image of a jigsaw puzzle has an odd appeal to it. Take for example the following picture…


It’s a high quality image of a US flag jigsaw puzzle, and on a wooden background.


The quality of the image is important, because you don’t want aesthetics that lack in pixels…


Bad quality makes your flag image show up jagged and blurry. And this is not good to the eyes of any viewer.


But as you can see, the image is high quality. It has color combinations that make it aesthetically pleasing.


Let’s start with the wooden background. People love wooden backgrounds, since they have an element of class to them.


Also, wood has the “earthy” color of brown. That’s a grounded color, and is an excellent host of any national flag.


So you get a nice grounded vibe from the background, which you can associate with the American flag too!


Obviously, the jigsaw puzzle isn’t 100% complete. And if it were 100% complete, there wouldn’t be any appeal to the picture at all!


You might as well put a cloth flag into that picture instead!

Dheeraj Swami (PDP)

(2) Combine Flags With Skulls.

Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?Specifically, take a skull, and then color it with your national flag! A good example would be the German flag below…


You have a skull, with a German flag on it. And unlike the previous picture, this one serves a different purpose…


Skulls are known to communicate an aura of fearlessness. And this is something many people want to see in their countries.


So it’s befitting to put your country flag colors onto a skull. You indirectly tell people of your origins, and imply that its culture teaches you to be fearless.


But beyond that, skulls are considered to be culturally “badass.”


There’s no other word to put it. A lot of people adopt skull and death images simply because of how cool it is…

(3) A Neon Sign of Your Country’s Colors.

Need a Large Collection of Unique Flag Designs?Neon signs are less intimidating and grounded in nature. And they have a vibe that’s more related to entertainment.


As an example, check out the picture below…


Neon colors are what you’ll see in nightclubs, and night entertainment areas. They’re also a color that signifies youth culture, and sometimes underground cultures…


Neon colors can be used to represent your country in a vibe that implies “entertainment.” For example, The Maldives is an island known to be a hot tourist area…


It’s a good place to relax, unwind, and spend a vacation.


As a result, the there is definitely a thrill. This is something that best befits a neon color representation.


Finally, neon colors just look plain awesome! Neon color images are usually high quality, because you can’t represent those with old cellphone shots!

Get photo here

I Tend to Struggle A Bit With Flag Representation…

That’s OK. Not all of us are good at aesthetically representing our identities.


The previous images were just examples to help you explore an expression of your nationality.


There’s an endless combination you could pursue to symbolize your origins. As long as you have an imagination, and a good sample to educate yourself, you’re fine!


But of course, the sampling is the hard part. You need a database to provide you interesting images of different country flags.


You need a lot of samples that you can explore to your heart’s content.


Fortunately, we know who can help you out with the process!



Pick Public Domain Photography.

This website is actually where the previous images come from.


This is a database of free images of almost anything you can think of. There, you’ll surely get 1000s of flag pictures to explore and use!


You’ll either like a photo, or you’ll be inspired by one for another purpose!


So be sure to visit that website, and get your photos now!



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